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Export / Reports for STS utilization on Span's between 15454 nodes


I'm looking for a convenient way to keep track of my STS allocation by running reports for our customer circuits, between our various SONET 15454 and 15310 nodes.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to tell CTC or CTM to generate a report which shows me how much (and which ones) STS-1's I'm using between various nodes, in a nice concise format; to help me plan for capacity, circuit rolls, and expansion.  The report should also include things like % of a particular OC-48 or or OC-192 is used, available, outline of contiguous and non-contiguous STS's, and summary for all my point-to-point circuits utilization.

Currently what I have to do is:

1) Export from circuit-view (in CSV format) for each span, a seperate exported

file or each span, one by one (hoping not to overlook one)

2) Reconcile each Exported file against a spreadsheet that I maintain/update

(about once a week) updating the stats for each span

This way, I "hopefully" have a living document, updated with what bandwidth I have where (and for who), which I can reference in a consolidated way for my entire 15454 network.  This greatly simplify's my capacity planing, rolls, and generally just keeping tabs on what and who I have assigned where.

It seem like there should be a simple "Generate Report" feature either whithin CTC or CTM.  I should be able to customize it as I want.

Perhaps there is 3rd party software to inject into CTM which will extract such a report.

For all you 15454 guys and gals out there, please help if you know of a solution!!


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