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How To Connect To 1545 via CLI.

I am in despeate need of some assitance in connectng to my 1545.   We upgraded our software and now the lights on the 1545 just blink.   I do not know if I can connet to this via the rs232 connection or not.    I am not sure if somehow I can get the software onto the flash cards which are on the cards or not.  I tried to call Cisco for support but they told me they do not support this anymore.  I am dead in the water.  It seems like there must be some way to get the system back

Tom Randstrom
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The 15454 is still a valid product and still shipping. Maybe they misunderstood the part number (wdsd vs 15454) and confused it for a discontinued product?

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Well I will call again.  I gave them my serial number and was told they offer no support.   I am not sure what happened.  The upgrade looked good.  Everything seemed fine and I got a messaging indicating the upgrade was successful.   I then rebooted and now the lights on all the cards blink as if it is starting but it neve starts


If you have a good TCC card, you could try removing both (bad) TCC cards, put in the good one, wait for it to come up and be active and then insert the other (bad) card in the standby slot. The good active TCC card should write over the software and config on the 'bad' card. It takes a while, maybe 10 mins, you see flashing lights that show its working

It can happen that there is one 'bad' TCC card which has written over the other card, causing both to fail.

First of all I am grateful for your reply.  I called CISCO and they cannot assist me with this.  They actually told me to buy a new one.   I was taken back a bit by there attitude.  I offered to pay for assistance but they told me they could not support my box.    I am attempting your solution now.  I had tried swtiching the slots earlier with no results.  Any other solutions?   I am in shock that this has happened.  We have had not issues prior to this software upgrade.  They upgrade appeared successful... Lets say I cant get this resolved.  What are some options.

It worked ....Thank You

Can you insert these cards while the system is on.  Hotplugable??????

Yes. The cards are hot pluggable. But, it is recommended that you switch

to protection card before removing. Also, make sure all software is synced

before switching and removing.

Btw, what TCC card are you using and what sw loads were you moving from/to?

On Monday, April 30, 2012, hallcarrjames <

I am grateful for your replies   I really am.... Ok I am going for 9.03 to 9.2.13.    I have a ML-MR card that I cannot get the  system to recognize.  I thought maybe a software upgrade would assist me in getting the card to show up.  Then after doing the upgrade things went to hell.   Now I have the system back up.  The second TCC card is still in a failed state.  The OC3 card is red.   I think this is because any prior configuration is gone??????    I am not sure how to put the card in protection mode

I was out of the office yesterday.  I am back on resolving the 15454.  When I insert only one TCC2 card the system comes up. I then insert the otehr TCC2 card and it never comes on line.  The OC3 card is red.   Could it be the flash card on the TCC2 card not getting software from the first TCC2 card


You may have a faulty TCC2 card. When you log into the CTC does it show any alarms against the TCC2 card that is failing? Also is the LED light Failed on the TCC2 card?

As for the OC3 card that is red. Are there any alarms associated with it in the CTC view?

When I insert the second TCC2 card it shows Yellow in the CTC.  The Act light never turns green.  My immediate goal is to get my ML-MR 10 card working so I can test some SFP's.   I am somewhat in the dark on how this card works. When I insert the card and then right click on the card I then go to ethernet I see an ML1000 and Ml100T but not an ML-MR card.  I really need to get this card working


Can you send a screen shot of the CTC view? Also what type of XC cards do you have in slot 8 and 10. This may be preventing you from selecting the correct ML card. The shelf will work with one TCC2 card so the issues you are seeing now are unrelated to the TCC cards.(also note the second TCC card should go into STBY and not ACT). A screen shot or list of alarms you have on your CTC will help further isolate each of these issues you are seeing. Thanks.


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