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I got issue in the 15454 DWDM 10G service OTUK-LOF port 4/1.

I got issue in the 15454 DWDM 10G service OTUK-LOF port 4/1.

The card we use: OTU2-XP 10G

SFP: ONS-XC-10G-39.7=

Configuration: Transponder splitter protection

Now the link from end client to end client is UP using the Main path port 3/1 (no problem with port 3/1 fiber path)

After some investigation:

- We already confirm there no SFP error, since we swap the SFP each other between port 3 and 4 and the alarm still in port 4.

-  For the card, there no issue, since we confirm if we swap the fiber path from port 4 to port 3, the alarm move/raised in port 3.

- The fiber between OTU2-XP and MUX/DEMUX box, we check and everything fine.

-  Other service (1G, 16 SDH, etc.) using the same fiber path working ok, no alarm raised indicate the same problem.

The topology and fiber lost:

Node A ----(6.4 / 7.8)----Node B ----(22.8 / 22.8)---Node C---(22.4 / 17.3)-----Node D----(16.7 / 18.1)----Node E

- No Major/Critical in these Nodes other than OTUK-LOF on Node A & E.

- There DCU module in transmit Node C to Node B

Any idea why the alarm OTUK-LOF raise in both node? And where the problem is? And how to fix it?

Looking forward yours suggestion on this issue.

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