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M6 Management on Separate IP DCN

We are developing a ring of 20 M6 chassis, equipped with the GE Xponders running in L2 over DWDM mode. Essentially, the M6 chassis form a 10G ring of layer-2 switches.  We originally turned up the management channel over the GCC, but it was painfully slow to us to use.

We then moved the management channel to a separate IP DCN - connected the M6 chassis to an external (3560) switched network though the EMS port.

All the M6 nodes are running on the same subnet.

Management of the systems is very fast now.

But whenever we put any traffic on the DCN network (other than M6 management traffic), we begin to lose contact with the nodes, and management visibility. We've tested by putting less than 500 Mbps on the 10G DCN, and are still seeing the same  behavior.

Any ideas for us to check? 

     The Layer-2 setup and IP setups all seem correct.

     The data network (DCN) performs perfectly, even up to 10G's and multiple VLAN's of throughput.

     The DCN connectivity works perfectly until any traffic is added to the network...then it immediately crashes...frustrating....

Any ideas for us to check?

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