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Engage with peer and Cisco experts about pluggable optics (Optics) and optical transport networks (Optical Networking).
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Learn how to make your network more efficient when you transition to Routed Optical Network.

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I currently have 2 nodes connected via single OC48 (used to carry 2 gige circuits). Node 1 uses the internal clock for timing, Node 2 is looking to the line for timing. Currently this config seems to work fine. Now i need to bring up a second oc48 fr...

We are looking at being offered a CWDM solution with the following specs. What equipment is needed to hook this up? I am not sure if we need a mux (i.e. CWDM-OADM4-1) or if we can use one of the SFP's (CWDM-GBIC-1550=) on a Cisco 3750 switch, or do...

We wish to extend our Ethernet connection from our POP to a remote site over a leased STM-1 circuit. A lot of suppliers had been suggesting different hardware like RAD RIC-155Ge (http://www.rad.com/10/Gigabit_Ethernet_over_STM_1_OC_3_NTU/2486/#), etc...

defash by Level 1
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Hi All We have had three events where our OPT-Pre card goes into Alarm and the msg APC correction skipped comes up after either a power shutdown of an adjacent node or if the fiber span is worked on in either case the light becomes completly absent ...

I purchased 11 ONS15454Es and SW and I also can manage them with CTM.But now I want to upgrade the 15454E SW and CTM.So I checked the SW product list,and I have an questions below:whether is there any limitation(including the 15454E SW and CTM) if I ...

haijason by Level 1
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