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SONET/SDH network monitoring

Hi,We are starting to deploy a new SONET/SDH network, but we haven't realy thought about deploying monitoring until now. The problem is that we don't have too much experience either, so we don't quite know what we should start monitoring and what is ...

crysm by Beginner
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MSTP Timing

We have installed new MSTP systems. The documentation is very unclear on when timing is needed on MSTP. In fact, we have been told that transpondes do not need timing at all, for they recover timing from the Rx OC stream. Does anyone have any expe...

tgimmel by Beginner
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Resolved! Does SNCP support DCC Tunnel??

We have 30 ONS 15454 SDH nodes installed within metro area, and have several stm-1 equipements connected to this network.There is one DCC Tunnel for each VC-4 circuits to support 3-party NMS.All VC-4 circuits have SCNP protected when fiber cuts happe...

Zouyu by Beginner
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15454 Routing Table Interfaces

I am looking at the 15454 routing table and would like a better knowledge of the entries in the Interface column. Does anyone have any information on what the different entries refer to and how they match with the cards in the box? My understanding w...

klowen by Beginner
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GE over SDH

Hi,I wonder if the Gigabit Ethernet interface (GLC-ZX-SM) of Cisco 75xx/GSR can be connected directly to a SDH Network.Can't seems to find in any documentation mentions about this matter.I had tested this interface over dark fiber, it work well.Thank...

ngss by Beginner
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LC to SC Autonegotiation

I've got a Cisco 3750 switch with an LC connector autonegotiation (multi/single-mode) GBIC connecting to a Cisco 4507 switch with an SC connector multi-mode GBIC that periodically drops the connection. I've heard that it's the autonegotiation of the ...

davisirs by Beginner
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