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We will be changing the DCC on our 15454, 17 node, UPSR, OC-48 ring from SDCC to LDCC. Has anyone done this on a network that is turned up and can this cause any problems? Obviously we will lose communications with the nodes as we change them, but ...

The 15540 has two CPU in order to have a redundancy in case one fails.We would like to know if there is a way to configure the Primary/Secondary, e.g. having the Primary CPU alwyas in Slot 6 and the Secondary in Slot 7, after a Power On Reset.If the...

swilli by Beginner
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If I'm running two aps groups on a 76xx. Say aps group 30 on one set of interfaces and aps group 20 on the other. Can I use 'aps working 1' and 'aps protect 1 x.x.x.x' with both groups or does the circuit number need to be different. It shows that it...

I have set up a small ring of 15454's. When I am logged into the node (via CTC), I can recognize and speak to all nodes. When one of our other engineers logs into a different node on the same ring using a different username and password, they can o...

cnowland by Beginner
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Can someone please provide or direct me to a document or give some information on the CV-L, CV-S, ES-S, and ES-L performance monitor objects and how to correct them. I have already found documents that tell me what they are such as code violation lin...

sross35 by Beginner
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I have a CSS that if I iniate the ping from a remote host it works. If I iniate the ping from the CSS it does not work. Traceroute works both way. Telnet does not work. I dont have any access-lists. I put a sniffer on the CSS and I see the traffic co...