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Point to Point, outdoor, line of site, wireless network


I posted this in the wireless area as well, but didn't get a solution.

I'm looking for a device to (securely) connect two buildings together that are across the street from one another. The distance is 500 feet at most, and there is a direct line of site. It would cost too much to tunnel under the street, so I'm looking for an alternative. This is also a disaster recovery connection, in the event the fiber was cut. I'd like to go Gig over it, but basic backup connectivity is the requirement.

Does Cisco have a product or partner with anyone?


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You have a couple of options. Cisco Airespace will work for the distance,but trying to achive a gigabit is going to be tough. There is a company called Lightepoint that Cisco has funded heavily in, but I believe they are only at a OC3 level. Security will fall under the configurations that you set forth in the configurations. If you are just looking for basic connecitivity I would recommend the airespace.

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Sounds like what you are looking for is free space optics (FSO). Typically comes into play when underground boring and running your own fiber through conduit is cost-prohibitive; leasing dark fiber is not an option; wireless is considered either too slow, or not secure enough; and you can see where you want to connect.

Cisco doesn't have anything in this niche, as far as I know; but if you do a search on "free space optics" you will find a ton of information.

Think of FSO as big media converters. Connect one to a Gigabit Ethernet port on your Cisco switch or router, it will transmit point-to-point through the air to another unit at the remote site.

Biggest downside to FSO is they are vulnerable to weather degradation. Think fog: if you can't see the other building, neither can your FSO solution. Some vendors offer a hybrid solution, combining optics and radio frequency wireless, to get around this issue.

Searching Cisco's web site brings up a couple of hits for LightPointe ( And paging through a recent issue of Network World magazine, Canon's got something they call Canobeam ( If you want Gigabit Ethernet, look for the models that mention a signaling rate of 1.25 Gbps.