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Mathew Lighthall

Trouble opening IOS on Ml series 15454 Cards

I just recently inherited the O&M of our ONS 15454 SONET MSPP ring.  My first task was to upgrade the software to 9.2.15, which went great, no issues to report.  But now I'm having trouble opening IOS connections (from the CTC) to all of my ML Ethernet cards.  I get the following message:


An IOS session cannot be opened right now with this slot.  Most likely someone else (using a different CTC) already has a session opened with this slot. Please try again later.

No one else is logged into the IOS, and this is happening to every ML card in my ring.  I can console into it directly and it allows me in, and I verify there that no one else is logged in as well. 

I know my SONET, but don't know IOS very well so I'm not sure exactly what to try once I'm in there. 

Can anyone offer any advice on something to try?

Thank you,

Mat Lighthall

Cisco Employee

Hi Mat,

So you can console directly into the card, Is that by connecting your PC on console port of ML card or through telnet plus port number, can you please confirm.

not sure about this issue, never faced it.

check in node view - provisioning - security - active logins, do you see anything.

maybe you can post database of the node, will check it.



Thank you for the quick reply Sunil.

I was consoled directly into the card via my PC/serial connection.  My security folks block Telnet on our network.

I do have a quite a few logins throughout the ring, but they are just using CTC in the node/network view and not using IOS.  It is my NOC that is monitoring the TDM side of the ring. 

When you say post a database, are you meaning a backup of the node?

Thank you,

Cisco Employee

one more thing you can try,

take database backup first,

than in maintenance window, do soft-reset to active TCC card,

check if able to get into ML cards, if not try soft-reset to ML card.

it will be service affecting.

yeah backup of the node,

node view- maintenance - database-backup

Gotcha, thanks.  I have uploaded a backup of one of the nodes.  I will need to wait until my maintenance window to try the TCC reset followed by the ML card reset.

ok thankyou :-)

What a week! 

I will be getting approval to reset the TCC and ML cards this Wednesday evening.  I will report back here with what I discover the following day.  Thank you.

No dice...  I reset the active TCC2P card, waited for the switchover and the card to reload, with zero luck in opening an IOS connection.  I get the original message reported above.  Obviously no one can be in it when I reset the TCC card... I also reset the ML card and tried opening IOS then, and again, same message.

Any other ideas?  Probably going to be opening a case on this on...

Hi Mathew,

yes please open a case, will take it.