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A cloud career question

Hello All,


New member of the cisco board and am pretty happy to be a part of a continuously thriving community.


I have a burning interest to be working within the cloud field as a cloud engineer/architect. My plan is to get my AA-S and work full time while taking night classes for a Bachelor degree in IT-Networking (Classes covering the CCNP R/S). To get me closest to my goal,  after my AA-S, which would be a better position to go for: a network administrator or a system administrator?


If i were to be CCNA R/S Certified, could that help me skip past being a network or sys. admin to do cloud based work?


Curiously, Respectfully, and Eagerly,


A Student


Re: A cloud career question

No Dice? Any leads?

Cisco Employee

Re: A cloud career question

So a CCNP R/S will certainly help you from a infrastructure perspective and would apply to anything requiring infrastructure (Campus, WAN, DC, Cloud). However we have a CCNP specifically targeted at Cloud.

This CCNP will focus on things such as infrastructure automation, multicloud management, application awareness, etc.
Cisco Employee

Re: A cloud career question

While the certification path is very useful, cloud takes a multi-discipline approach. Cisco specific knowledge is important as you need to understand how to build Enterprise grade solutions across multiple clouds. This will include fundamental networking expertise but it’s also important to understand how modern applications are built and the demands they put on infrastructure (be it cloud, DC, network or IoT).  So understand things like microservices, containers and Kunernetes, as well as emerging disciplines like Service Mesh (eg Istio). Lastly, all infrastructure will be consumed via APIs, so you need to understand programmability. So get a balance of traditional IT skills and cloud native. 

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