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NFVIS child issues

Hi guys,

I somehow wonder why I can't find many folks talking about this here, just stumbling upon various docs and not the one (of course did not read them all) that would help, but one thing is driving me crazy about this stuff I actually work on in course of last month...

My strong feeling that this wrapper OS of all those Linux modules and extensions is such sensitive to approach, that you are strongly expected to do it once and well in single VM-creation run, because as soon you start to update something easy to understand and use in CLI, like networks and interfaces, or port-forwarding .. you may so easily screw it up that no matter what you do, you're sentenced to deploy whole VM from scratch.

E.g. :

- I omitted to use SSH uname/pass for VM creation (e.g. ISRv), later wanting to add it - no way.

- I started to test SR-IOV, silly putting two VM interfaces into same network = no way to fix either by reassigning one interfaces to other net, or canceling this iface completely, simply the NFVIS does not care about config and keeps per "vm_life.. opdata" old stuff... some RECOVER actions not supported, devil knows what they mean when actually not documented like 80% of CLI world..


I just write this while waiting to get some official support for CSP5444  we got from Cisco on rent, I'm new to some criticial-as-hell project, so asking here and eventually believing I may attract someone skilled to fix and improve my yet-neutral view of this hypervisor "miracle". E.g. I need to fix that network interface issue in 2nd point, as I refuse to re-deploy.




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