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2 digit extensions in Unity

In the unity class I attended last year you mentioned we that the registry could be edited to change the minimum extension length. Customer is pretty adamant about<br>press just 2 digits for this application and I would rather not have to do the work around of building an additional 900 call handlers..<br><br>THanks<br><br>Don<br><br><br>

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OK... first, yes you can force us to allow fewer than 3 digits for subscribers, call handlers and location objects. A quick warning, however. If you're using digital networking and addressing users remotely by ID, allowing digit lengths less than 3 will be a performance hit since we'll have to go to the GAL to check for possible ID matches much more often. For example, by default both location IDs and subscriber IDs must be 3 digits at least. This means we don't have to worry about running out and looking for a remote user until the caller enters at least 6 digits. If you reduce this to 2 or 1 digit minimums, we'll have to run out much more often. Since we cache the local entities and not the GAL, it's much slower to find users this way.

If you're not using networking, you shouldn't have any worries.

to change this you'll need to edit the registry. As always, please be careful when changing registry keys. Head to "HKLM | Software | Active Voice | Doh | 1.0". You'll need to add a new key called "Minimum Handler AVP_DTMF_ACCESS_ID Length" (spaced and spelled just like that). Set this to "2", restart Unity and you will be allowed to create handlers and subscribers with 2 digit extensions.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice Corp