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2024 Collab How to submit a software feature request for

Good afternoon ,


As a primary part of the account is the space for Engineers to conduct logistics through RMA transactions as well as open and close service requests, research latest software development updates, correspond with Cisco Engineers within different open cases to achieve favorable resolutions, and complete activities related to day-to-day IT operations could anyone out there tell me the most clear and simple process to open a feature request for please?

One part of feature requests that are especially helpful is when they are optional to everyone so that people can have more options to customize and create the menus and settings that work for them to achieve the best productivity so thank you in advance for any insight into the software feature requests feedback section of

The feature request is related to logistics and could be a useful option for hardware Engineers so if anyone could direct me to where I could submit a feature request it would be greatly appreciated.


If anyone out there has already submitted one that was approved I would be interested to know what worked and what didn't work in that process as from research in 2018 the feature requests with changed to a different process so am interested to learn more.


Having been one of those who requested the livechat feature on another major site and watching it get approved and implemented was a great experience although this software feature request in my estimation would have a much stronger impact with regard to logistics and timely communications goals for the Engineers that work within the site at different organizations than the previous feature request that was completed.

also if I find out anything as to the process I am going to include any useful info here.

Thank you in advance,


#Science is great.

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You can submit feature requests on the Cisco Collaboration Customer Ideas Portal for Collaboration related . If a request receives sufficient votes, Cisco will consider it.

Have you tried the Support Assistant Bot on the Webex app?

You can converse with Support Assistant in English or use commands. ,



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Wayne DeNardi
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VIP Alumni

I've found that the best way to get something logged and actioned as a feature request is to talk about it with your local Cisco Account Manager and get them to raise it internally.   If it's a worthy idea, then it'll progress naturally - otherwise, the options are as @Nithin Eluvathingal suggested.  The portal is a great spot to log and get support for new features.  I have submitted ideas there before.

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