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4305g Internal Storage not being recognized

I have a dozen or so DMP 4305g devices and one of them stopped recognizing the internal storage, this is the second or third one I have had do this. Has anyone ran into this problem, do they have a solution? I did a factory reset and nothing. Im up-to-date on all my patches. I dont know what else to do besides get the device and send it back.

Cisco Employee

Re: 4305g Internal Storage not being recognized

Sorry for the Delay....


DMP Models affected:  DMP-4305G

DMP flash shows internal storage capacity 0/0 on the DMP-DM and
the DMM-DSM.

On the DMP-DM, The Internal Storage values will

Present     = No
Access Mode = Read Only
Capacity    = 0
Free Space  = 0

Possible Causes:
1. The DMP kernel is not detecting the SD flash card after soft reboot.  
2. If the SD card coming up Ready Only(RO) - this could be a timing issue 
   because the DMP is running fsck on the SD flash card while it's trying 
   to mount it, causing RO.
3. Manufacturing is creating the DMPs with SD flash cards of VFAT formatting 
   instead of EXT2
4. There has been shipping related problems, as the SD flash card might be 
    coming loose and dislodging. As a result, the SD flash card NOT mounting.

5. SD flash card hardware failure itself.

For Cause #1
"Hard" reboot would always fixed this.  
This is mostly solved in 5.2, with the latest kernel patch.

For Cause #2
This can be resolved via MIB variables.
TAC or Support engineer can SSH to the DMP and run the "mount"
command to see if the SD flash card mounts.

For Cause #3
Please Open a Cisco TAC Case to have the DMP RMA'd.

For Cause #4
Please Open a Cisco TAC Case to have the DMP RMA'd.
** NOT supported but a support engineer could open the DMP
to see & verify that the SD flash card has NOT dislodged.
Reseat SD flash card.

For Cause #5
Please Open a Cisco TAC Case to have the DMP RMA'd.

Open a Cisco TAC Case to have the DMP RMA'd seems to be the 
official/legal/contractual way for recovering this issue, since opening 
a DMP voids its warranty.

We will need to capture this data so we can determine root cause and trace back to source.

Especially with the rate you are outlining here this is something we need to investigate.  
However if the adhesive holding the SD cards is broken the investigators may question that.  
Please do not tamper with any DMP's so they can be investigated properly.



.:|:.:|:. Tomas de Leon | Cisco Systems | Technical Leader - CX Enterprise Networking |

Re: 4305g Internal Storage not being recognized

Thank you for you reply,  I had the DMP RMA'd.