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6.1(2) to 7.1(2) upgrade

Amigos - we're running and aside from no DST fix, have a couple of bugs that make me want to upgrade (attendant console service has to be restarted every 50 days and CPU spiking).

Cisco gave me a 6.1(4) ES for the CPU spiking, but really, I'm considering the jump to 7.1(2).

I am seeking some general counsel and recommendations on the 7.1(2), upgrade.

For example, I read in another post that 7.1(2) was quickly deferred and should be upgraded to 7.1(2b)SU1 - which means as soon as I complete the upgrade, I'll need to apply an update.

That seems problematic because I like the idea of having 6.1(2) in my inactive partition in case I run into fundamental 7.1(2) issues and need to revert.

Any thoughts on h323 or MGCP gateway issues?

HW SCCP registration on 28xx routers? We ran into some issues with SCCP registration when going from 4.x to 6.x.

t38 faxing? We have XMEDIUS registered as an h323 gateway and it works great.

Attendant Console? Again, I've read that AC is discontinued, but supported in 7.x - but anyone have experience doing it and it behaves the same?

Just trying to line up my ducks and I deeply appreciate what happens on this forum. I've enjoyed finding answers and providing them.

Cisco Employee

Re: 6.1(2) to 7.1(2) upgrade

Let me answer what I can:

1) 7.1.2bSU1 probably doesn't have the fix you are looking for from a 6.1.4ES. So you should ask TAC to provide the full install of the 7.1.2ES that you need. So you can upgrade directly from 6.1.2 to 7.1.2ES. That way you can still back out easily should something with 7.1.2ES not be the way you want. What is the Bug ID?

2) The Jump from 6.X to 7.X is much less dramatic in SCCP versions than the jump from 4.X to 6.X so there is less of a chance of issue with this. Out of curiosity though, what IOS are you using on these devices?

3) AC should continue to function in 7.X (if you are upgrading), but will be totally removed in 8.0 so get ready to find a new solution.

That's what I can answer. Hope it helps some. Thanks!


Re: 6.1(2) to 7.1(2) upgrade

This particular bug was: CSCta21676

The majority of our IOS versions are 12.4(22)T, with one 4(25b) for a bus error crash bug fix.

Interestingly, our SCCP registration shows version 3.1 (show sccp). We had this issue when we first went to 6.1(2) with our older IOS versions that didn't have any version higher than 5.x (we had to manually set it to version 3.1 for SCCP to register), but now, with no version specified, it registers as version 3.1.

I've not tried to manually set it higher (since we're on (22)T now).


Re: 6.1(2) to 7.1(2) upgrade

Whatever you do make sure you have the correct System Recovery Disk and that you know how to use it.

I may just have been unlucky but on approx 35% of the 6.x to 7.x upgrades I have done I have needed to use this to force the version to switch ok.

I have also had some firmware problems with RAID controllers with IBM 7835-I2 equivalents and had to reflash the firmware using floppy disks (remember those!).

HP hardware seems less problematical.


Re: 6.1(2) to 7.1(2) upgrade

woah - used System Recovery disk to force the version switch!? How is that done?

Which recovery disks are you suggesting to have? The 6.1 (original) or 7.1 (the upgrade). I should have both - just trying to get a clear picture.

We're running RAID on an 7825-I1, so I'm definitely concerned and appreciative of your input.


Re: 6.1(2) to 7.1(2) upgrade

either disk should be sufficient.

the goal is to boot to the recovery disk and use the utility to switch between versions.

if for whatever reason the os wont boot an upgraded (ie 7.1) partition this is how you would switch back to 6.1.2

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