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*** a note from your moderator ***

A Quick Note from your Moderator<br><br>This is a moderated forum that is open to anyone with questions about Unity. You do not need to be a dealer, a Cisco employee or have attended training to use the forum. Any question is fine, however this is not a replacement for technical support. If you have a specific problem with your system, I may direct you to contact our technical support group. <br><br>Cisco is not legally bound by any answer on this forum, even if it comes from an employee. We do our best to get you fast, accurate answers but we are all human and we may make mistakes. Information on this forum is provided "as is" with no warranty of any kind.<br><br>We will try to turn around answers to questions on the forum within 24 hours (or by Monday if it is posted over the weekend). If I am unable to get you a direct answer right away or if I need to test a scenario out for you, I will e-mail you letting you know this. I will post a reply to your question to the board as soon as I can. For this reason you will want to include an e-mail address I can reach you at with your post or better, create an account on the board and log in when you post messages. <br><br>Posting Policy<br><br>I will post most anything that has a constructive element, regardless if it is critical of the product, Cisco, Microsoft, our partners etc. I only have a couple of hard and fast rules for posts:<br><br>1. Be respectful of others. Personal attacks, cursing, and pointless rants will not be posted. I understand people sometimes get frustrated and that's cool, but if you feel the need to &$*#ing vent, be polite with that @&#*. Thanks.<br><br>2. There has to be a question in there somewhere. This is not the place for soap boxing.<br><br>Outside of that, everything is eligible for posting. Product criticisms are perfectly valid input as far as I am concerned as long as they are constructive. If I do not allow your post, I will notify you directly if you have provided an e-mail address for me to use. I will not modify a message before posting it. It will be posted "as is" or not at all. Only information that you want made public should be posted here. Do not post something to the forum if you do not want the world to see it.<br><br>I try not to answer too many questions “off line” (i.e. outside the forum). If you e-mail me directly, I may ask that you use the forum for your question instead. I want to get folks used to coming out here to ask their questions whenever possible. My goal is to have a single place where people can come and search for information and avoid having to answer questions individually over and over again.<br><br><br>Identifying Yourself<br><br>You may post questions as anonymous if you like. However, creating an account and logging in is free, fast, and easy, and it will be easier for you to find answers to your posts later. I can also easily e-mail you directly with follow-ups or a note letting you know that your question has been answered on the board.<br><br>Posting Tips<br><br>1. Keep it brief and to the point. <br><br>2. Try to ask one question per post. If you have multiple questions, use multiple posts. This makes it easier for users to find and follow threads of interest to them.<br><br>3. Try to make the subject descriptive. Using just “question” or “problem” makes it hard for users browsing posts to find topics they are interested in.<br><br>4. If you have a follow up question that changes the topic, post a new message and start a new thread. <br><br>5. Feel free to reply to questions yourself. Contrary to popular belief, I am not the all knowing Unity god; I very much appreciate other users jumping in with their thoughts. I am not infallible, don’t hesitate to correct me if you think I’m off the mark!<br><br>6. Use the search function to look for your question first. Lots of information will be posted, and odds are someone may have asked your question already. You can save yourself some time by poking around a bit.<br><br><br>Finally, thank you for using the forum. The feedback we get here is very valuable to us and we appreciate it.<br><br>Jeff Lindborg<br>Unity Product Architect<br>Cisco Systems<br><br><br>