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Access to Vmware on BE6000 not working good after configuring Etherchannel


Hello Guys


I have a BE6000 connected to a switch 2960-X where I made the correct configuration of an Etherchannel on both sides and my VMs have connectivity to all my hosts but my vmware don't have connectivity to all my hosts it just can ping some hosts and I don't get it why..... If i disable my etherchannel my vmware have connectivity to all my hosts


The only different I could find is that in the port groups I have two created called  VM_Network and Management Network where this two port groups are the default ones so on my VM_Network I have two physical ports attached to this port group but on my Management Network I only see one physical network so I suppose this could be making that my vmware don't have full connectivity. How can add a second physical port to Management Network port group?


If this is not the problem what could it be?

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Nithin Eluvathingal
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