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Adding another language to Unity LAdy

Hi Forum<br><br>If one would like to try another language than American English how can that be done most easily. By running the installation one time more and choose the desired language, or is there any other way to do that more easily.<br>The customer has only paid for one language, but i suppose that it can be anything, just as long as there is only one active language.<br><br>Peter Lillelund<br><br>

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Hi Peter. The change the system language, you do need to run Unity set up. There are known problems with the process, as set up does not do a clean job of changing the language. The Cisco defect tracking numbers are CSCdu65748 and CSCdu65866.

The problem: If subscribers are set to a specified language and Unity setup is ran to remove the specified language or the specified language is not loaded in SA > Configuration > Phone Languages, subscribers receive the fail safe conversation.

Solution: Run the bulk edit utility (from Answermonkey.NET) and update the language for all subscribers.

Jami Stewart
Cisco Systems

Hi Jami

I have now run the setup and installed English (British). And i have run bulkedit on all subscribers and shifted them to English (British). Inside from the config pages everything looks as it should, but trying to hear messages from one off the phones, I get prompted in correct language to enter my password, but after that I get a message like "Sorry this system tempoarily unable to answer your call, please call again later. Goodbye"

This must be the failsafe answer. What have I forgot?


Can you look in the application event log and see if there is an error there?
The failsafe conversation normally has an error message in the event log.

Anil Verma
Cisco Systems

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