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Adding presenations into a playlist.


     So long story short, i have recently been tasked with maintaining and creating the current DMP's that my company has. I have had little training mostly on the hardware side of things, the content experience has mostly come from trial and error. The person that did the job before me just up and left and all the manuals and such were tossed to me to figure out. But moving on to my problem.

     The problem that i currently have is that the screens have been running the same presentations for a little over a year now and the background images are starting to burn into the screens. So me and another emplyee desided to schedual just white screens to display at night and the switch to the presentation again in the morning. We also would like to have different presentation play thoughtout the day at different intervals.

     I have not been able to find a way to get multiple Presentatations to play within a playlist successfully. I have tried the whole nesting approach but have been unseccessful so far.

     Equipment: 3 DMP 4410g running 5.4

                      1 DMP 4400g running 5.3 (yes i know that this is an issue with the firmware not being the same, service contract ran out and no one has                                                             gotten approval to renew it yet.)

                       DMM v. 5.3 with DMD 2.0

     Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Hi Joshua,

Good luck figuring everything out.  I have been in my position for almost 2 years and I'm still working it out, and I started about where you are.

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to schedule multiple presentations to run throughout the day which contain different playlists of content.  You should probably use the Play in Future scheduling for that.  You can find the instructions here.  Tip:  If scheduling a task like turning the monitors on/off or rebooting the DMPs, run it for 10 minutes.  This makes the event easier to select later when you need to either adjust it or delete it.  A one minute event is about a pixel wide, so it's hard to even find later.

I'd also recommend, instead of white screens, either a loop of full screen video, or a playlist of cycling colors.  This will exercise all the sub-pixels, but if you're using plasma screens you might not be able to reverse the damage that a year has caused.  LCDs might be able to recover somewhat.

I hope this helps.