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Agent set to reserved state.

Please help in this scenario.

One agent has reported several occurrences every day of a new, annoying scenario: While she's using her personal line, a call comes in on her agent line, but she doesn't take it. It puts her Agent Desktop into "Reserved" status, so she has to exit and re-start the Agent Desktop program. (This is a big pain for us... not only because that program takes so long to connect, but also because the agent has to log all the way out of our mainframe application before starting up Agent Desktop.) I have verified that her phone (a 7940) is set up like all agents: both lines are configured with Call Waiting off

ICM version : 4.6.2

All hotfix applied.

Thanks in advance




It seems like, there is a bug in the ICM 4.6.2 version. I found a similar bug CSCma18760



Here you go....

Combined IP Telephony and IPCC Extensions on the Same IP Phone

It is possible to have multiple extensions on an IP Phone. In an IPCC environment, at least one of those

extensions must be dedicated to IPCC and be configured with only a single line appearance, no voice

mail, and no call forwarding. Cisco recommends that the bottom-most extension on the IP Phone be used

as the IPCC extension so that, when the user lifts the handset, the IPCC extension is not selected by

default. Other extensions on the IP Phone may have multiple lines or appearances and voice mail.

However, it is important to note that there is no control over, or visibility of, those IP Telephony

extensions from the IPCC Agent Desktop. Cisco recommends that any IP Telephony extensions be

forwarded to voice mail prior to logging into the IPCC, so that agents are not interrupted by IP Telephony

calls while they are working on IPCC calls. Also, prior to making any outbound calls on the IP Telephony

extension, Cisco recommends that the agent change to a "not ready" state so that calls are not routed to

them while they are on the phone. The ICM has no visibility to the state of the other extensions on this



Its possibly a bug. Can you send me the "agent.log" file from that agent desktop? also if you have turned on the debugging on the agent, there should be another file called "agent.dbg". Forward me that, lets make sure.

To turn on the debugging, go to Fastcalllocal.ini file and under [Debug] make the LEVEL= 8 and SIZE=3000000.




We are having a similar problem with ICD 3.0(1) where agents are going to a reserved state that can require logging out of windows and back on prior to being able to take calls. There is also a related secondary bug where the a queued contact will appear to be "stuck" in the queue and the real time ACD stats will not be acurate.

We are waiting for v3.0(2) disks to arrive as this and spA is the belived fix from TAC. Should any one have additional help I'll take it!

If you read the release notes for 3.0(2) and spA you should see similar issues and the related resolution.

Hey John,

For ICD agents, actually there is a setting in CRA which essentially makes the agent to go unavailable state if he/she doesn't answer the call. The can come back online by clicking the "available" on their ICD agent.

If you don't want that to happen;

On the Cisco CRA Server, open the file (the default directory path is C:\Program Files\wfavvid).

Step 2 Change the setting to:

false—if you want ICD agents who do not answer a call to return to the Available state.

true—if you want ICD agents who do not answer calls to go Unavailable. This is the default state.

I am not quite sure if this is what you mean! I have it saved, but don't have the URL. Sorry...



Thank you for your time and reply Rajesh.

My problem and I believe the one in this thread is not a problem of an "Unavailable" state but one where the CAD will say "Reserved" as the status.

From what I understand; this is the state that ICD will set an active agent as and thus calls are not routed to a "reserved" CAD session. The problem is that it is not being given a "Work "or "Available" state after a contact.

To clear this reserved state you must close CAD and sometimes log-off/reboot the computer before logging back on and calls can be taken.

If you read the relase notes for CRS 3.0(2) and spA you will see more of what I am seeing. please see blow.

Again thank you for your time.



Thanks John.

Hi John,

I think I have the same pb, with an IP phone agent.

The IP-Phone agent is stuck in the 'reserved' state, and there's no way to log out, log in, or change this mode in any way from the phone.

Even from the supervisor desktop, I can't log out and in this agent.

I rebooted the phone with no result as well.

I'm thinking of rebooting the ICD server during off-peak hours and see if pb is solved.

Do you think it's corrected with 3.0.2 or SPA, cause I can't find any same problem description in the release notes...

Thanks for your input


Riccardo Bua

Hi Sen,

the agent should always go into not ready state before using the other line. This would prevent the reported scenario.



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