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Answer: where to download the SDK

Level 3
Level 3

I have never wasted so much time tring to find a free download on a website.

I salute those of you that managed to keep up the stamina and find it. For everybody else, go to:

then click

Supported Products

then click:

Log in now.

then choose from the VOICE TECHNOLOGY/AVVID dropdown list:

Callmanager IP Phone SDK

then click

IP Phone Services SDK v3.3(3)

then press ACCEPT

then, with luck you should get the SDK.


I am going to have a lie down now.

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glad to see its not just me who has a nightmare browsing this site.

cisco may know their onions when it comes to hardware but theyve got a lot to learn when it comes to designing easy to navigate websites. :)

It gets even better if you try the AXL API.. if you don't have a company association to your CCO account, you have to email Cisco and ask for it and then they tell you they'll get back to you within 48h and I'm waiting for the 3rd week now. Good thing our cisco PM updated my account so I now have full access to development downloads.

Chris Drew
Level 1
Level 1

thank you. i looked for this for about an hour and could not find it anywhere

Can you make an update on that, I think the website was updated and I can not find that too..

Never saw something like that before... is it a top secret application !?


API information is available from

Which API are you interested in specifically?


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Got IT, thanks


under Technology / CUCM / IP hone service

the serach engine is not really nice on that web site

Yeah, easier to find things with the search once you know where they are :-)


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Aaron Please remember to rate helpful posts to identify useful responses, and mark 'Answered' if appropriate!