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Audio lag on DMP-4400G

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Level 1

We've been having issues with the audio not coming in at the start of videos coming from a 4400. This occurs with straight mpeg 2 and h.264 transport streams. Our work around has been starting videos with a few seconds of silent footage. Anyone else experienced this problem?

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Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I personally have not seen this issue.

Some Basic Questions:

- What version of firmware are you running on the DMP-4400?

- Do you have a DMP-4305 or DMP-4310?  If so, I you tested

  with them and do they experience same issue?

- Is the Video content stored on a external server, the DMM, or Locally

on the DMP?  If remotely served, Have you tested locally on the DMP?

If so, Same results?

- Does the Audio Lag continue to occur consistently everytime it is

signalled to play?  Does the problem occur when you play it on your

PC with VLC?

- What is the "size" of the video file?  How was it created?

- Is it possible to create a small video clip and see if the problem occurs.

If so, please upload the problem clip here so I can test in my lab.




Thanks for your help. I'm not the administrator of the system, just a content creator. This is what I got from the administrator.

We only have 4400s and they are running 5.2. The content is stored on an external server. He said they haven't tested from a DMP, because that is not how it will be used.

The lag is consistent. It doesn't appear on the source files when played through vlc. The files are 720p about 5 Mbps or less created with Adobe Media Encoder or Telestream Episode. We've used both straight MPEG-2 and h.264 transport streams. My guess is that it has something to do with the servers, but that is not my area of expertise.

Hope this info helps.

Please create a small video clip with same parameters and upload

here for me to test. The problem could be with the external web server

but it is hard to tell with the info that we have.

A simple test is to run on the DMP itself.  IF the problem is NOT
seen then it is the delivery of the content to the DMP where the issue


Once you provide a small sample, I can look into more..