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Authentication when pushing XML to a phone

I am attempting to create a small application that will push an xml page to a phone. I can do it with a simple ASP page and POSTing to http://ipaddress/CGI/Execute

However; when I execute the POST I am prompted for credentials. When I enter the credentials in my browser the POST works fine.

What I want to know is how can I include the credentials in the ASP page so I am not prompted? I have looked at the SDK and reviewed the samples but I don't know java to translate it into vbScript.

I am only looking for basic authentication.

Do I have to encode the username and password into base64?

If so is there a special key that has to be used in the encryption process?

Here is my asp code.


<head>POST to Phone at</head>



<!-- Need a form with an action that goes to the case-sensitive URL for the Phone you want to POST to. -->

<form action="" method="POST" >

<!?There must be a form field that contains the xml data for the Phone action and it must be named XML case-sensitive. -->

<textarea COLS=60 ROWS=10 name="XML">


<ExecuteItem Priority="0" URL="Play:chime.raw" />

<ExecuteItem Priority="0" URL="" />





<input type="submit" value="Push" />





Ultimately I want to put this in a desktop app so if anyone would like to share the process to post to a phone in .NET, it would be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Authentication when pushing XML to a phone

you could put it in the url;





Re: Authentication when pushing XML to a phone

Thank you for the quick reply.

I tried that and it didn't work. The page didn't even look like it tried to push the xml to the phone.

http://admin:admin@" method="POST" >

Thanks. I will keep looking.

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Re: Authentication when pushing XML to a phone

If your end goal is a desktop app, why not go for it directly, since it is rather simple. A quick google search yielded plenty of results that could be used as a template. For instance, this one:

That one even does certificate authentication, but I'm sure you'll have an example with basic authentication a minute from browsing to google :)

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