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I am having trouble with a translation pattern, wondering if anyone can help. I am attempting to take any calls to DID's in the range of 4XXX and make them ring internally on 3XXX. I want to do this in call manager to make it easier for the client ...

lucotc by Level 1
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We are located in Laredo, Texas and are openning an office in Monterrey, Mexico. Can i use an ATA-186 or ATA-188 for this remote site in Monterrey to connect to our call manager in laredo? We are familiar with softphone but thinking of getting local ...

orlando by Level 1
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I have CCME 3.2 setup on 1760 route with VIC-2FXO card.IP Phones #1 to #10 are installed ( 10 phones).I need to do:1. to ring phones #1 and #2 in incoming calls on line #1 on FXO card andto ring phones #3 and #4 for the incoming calls pn line#2 on FX...

Does anyone have an idea of what these disconnect codes indicate? From what I can find, it appears to be a problem at the remote end, but just wanted to confirm. We have calls drop at random times and we are trying to get to the bottom of it.May 16...

rjrii by Level 1
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Does anyone have a simple app they can share to post updates to the AXL interface? I am not a programmer and am having a tough time trying to get something to work. I have to add about 100 route patterns to 20 different partitions and would like to...

Hello,I have a CCM 4.0(2),my problem is that the memory utilization increases everyday.I have to reboot the server at lease once every two weeks.After rebbot the memory utilization will become low again.I have already applied the latest patch.Have an...

rmphil199 by Level 1
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