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Import CCM database

We have an existing 4.0 Installation with around 100 phones. We have recently procured a new CCM 4.1 and would like to use this as the primary before we reformat the existing server and upgrade to 4.1.What would be the best way to import the databas...

vasu_si by Beginner
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IP Communicator issue

Hi NetPro people,I have built a VPN solution (3620) with Cisco IP Communicator. For whatever reason, when the client calls any other phone (IP or PSTN), the user can hear the remote party, but the remote party can't hear the IP Communicator Phone us...

hlee by Beginner
  • 3 replies
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7912 gorbled voice

7912 phones in one of the remote location has poor voice quality , really bad and gorbled .We upgrade the 7912 firmware to 5.0 and checked QOS on the switches everything looks fine. Funny thing is there are other remote sites with 7912 phones and ha...

balukr by Explorer
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Skill Based Routing

I am attempting to create a call queue with skill based routing. Originally this was setup as two queues (English and Spanish). The issue came when one queue became overly busy while the second remained idle. I would like to assign skills to each ...

kroleigh1 by Beginner
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Autoqos and Call Manager Version

Concerning the Cat 3550 Software Configuration Guide, starting with 12.1(20)EA2, the Configuration Guidelines for auto-QoS state that connected devices must use Cisco Call Manager Version 4 or later. Does anyone why the CM version would make a differ...

bjfrick by Beginner
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