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I'm testing a CSPS v2.0 server on RED HAT7.3 with 2 Grandstream HT286. The problem is when I can ring from one device to another, the server does not acknolidge the device answer, so I can't have a conversation between. The first device send the ...

To all gurus,I have the following 2 questions regarding when the Publisher went down, but the subscriber is fine:1) I have to physcially get all the client PCs to re-install the softphone again for it to work. But once it is re-installed, the softph...

cisco4me by Beginner
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I have complaints that incoming calls are not being answered (due to the operator, not a technical problem). Therefore, I'm compiling some stats and I'd like to know what CCTILine means when it's listed as the OnBehalfCode in the CDR dataabse. I've g...

mag19 by Beginner
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Heres the scenario;I have 20 users in a Remote site that will belong to a CM Cluster in my Hub site. They will also be using the Octel voice mail system from this Hub site.Is there a reason why MWI would not make it across the WAN to the remote site?...

Resolved! G711 across DSL

So I'm told that G711 voice streams take about 80,000 bits per second... G711 samples 8,000 times per second and each sample is 8 bits for a total of 64,000 bits per second then add overhead of 16,000 bits per sec Given companies DSL line ...

Can you replace an old drive with one that has a faster RPM speed? Array A Number of Logical Drives 1 Logical Drive 1 Size 17359 MB Fault Tolerance RAID 1+0 Heads 255 Sectors per Track 63 Cylinders 2213 Stripe Size 128 KB Status OK

cplatt01 by Beginner
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