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MGCP and G726R16

We have a requirement to run specific application over our voice infrastructure using the G726r16 codec. We have attempted running this at G729 but it doesn't work, and the BW used at G711 is too much. G726R16 seems to be the lowest we can take thing...

jristo by Beginner
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Configuring VoFR

Hi,I have problems in configuring a voFR connection between an MC3810 and a 1760. The problem is that I can't establish a call on any way. When I dial a number to the other side it appears like if this number doesn't exist. Maybe the problem is the I...

e.frias by Beginner
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3745 MGCP won't fail over

Hello,I have a 3745 witha PRI configured as mgcp 12.3(7)T1The IP phones will not fail over to SRST when CCM is down. Will IP voice 12.3(7)T1 work or does this have to be a Plus version. I could not find Plus version for 12.3. Some conversations on...

hwilms by Beginner
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CF Busy and CFNA

I have my hunt group member(1000) CFB and CFNA to a CTI RP(1001) with CFA to a call handler in unity.When I dial the Pilot point(1002) from an ext.(1003) I get the greeting for my call handler for busy and no answer.But when I dial the pilot poing DI...

p.holley by Beginner
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