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We have a 2951 router with PVDM3-64 which we need to configure as CME , we have to configure 2 E1 pri channels as 2 PRI channels will take all the 64 channels in PVDM is there any way where we can share the resources for conference and transcoding as...

I'm new to 10.5 and PLM. I am installing a new CUCM, CER, and UConn system on two UCS servers. The customer has 304 Enhanced UCM licenses showing in the license usage chart. In my testing, I have two phones registered to the same Owner ID and PLM is ...

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Welcome to this Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions about configuring and troubleshooting the Digital Media Suite (DMM, SNS, DMP, Edge) with Cisco expert, Swati Chopra.December 8th th...


Can anybody tell me how to configure the SRST ports on a cisco router to keep trying the first available port available to force the call to go outbound? Currently if we have a pots line go into trouble the router cannot call outbound although we sti...

Hi, As my subject above,Is it possible to use cisco DX80 from remote site (Internet Connection) via VPN Client?Can I just use "VPN" menu in DX80's setting page to enable VPN client from DX80 to my ISR 2901 as VPN Server?Is there any limitation if I c...