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Hi , I have this DVR from cisco(Explorer 8642HD). It's giving an error when starting but my service provider does not know what it is, I'm hopping that Cisco would know the definition of the error code.  The code is ER:75

With CUCM can a user have a list of intercom speed dial buttons that will also monitor the presence of the remote phone?  Kind of like a BLF does?If not, any ideas on how an expansion module can be configured so that the receptionist can see the pres...

bascheew by Level 1
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I have a DX650 connected through AnyConnect and it registers to CM (9.11) just fine.  When I take the phone off-hook, I hear dial-tone but, when I dial any extension I only hear silence and when I try to call the DX650 the call does not come in.  I a...

I have SnS 5.3.10 ( with MXE ) when I upload a WMV file I get a prefilter failed error on the MXE; Prefilter failed: Error [1]:Initialization error detected(Unable to connect NullRenderer filter)[EC_COMPLETED] Task Execution 215 is now complete. Reas...

I am having a difficult time getting wallpaper to show up on the 8941 phones. I have a 8961 with the exact same setup in terms of tftp server. The 8961 shows all the wallpaper just fine but the 8941 does not. According to Cisco documentation, they bo...

zzbronski by Level 1
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