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Hello there,I have CUCMBE installed on a virtual machine. The system is set up fine with 2 VM ports. However as this is a test enviroment I thought I would have licenses for at least a couple of voice mail users. This is usually the case for Unity co...

Diversion Header causing remote (PSTN) voice mail to try to route to diversion number

OK to try and describe this is a little dicey.  When calling outbound over SIP Trunk to a remote (PSTN) number and the called party does not answer it rolls to the remote voice mail - so far so good.However the remote voice mail says - the party at e...

sdoherty by Beginner
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Port list to use with WFO (Workforce Optimization/Quality management)

HelloI'm working with a new implementation of WFO and UCCX and I'm trying to have all the rules in the firewalls available so theres no problem in comunications between the servers and agents.Is there a doc where I can search for specifics ports? I'v...