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Configuration Setup failing

I just upgraded from 3.0(3) to 3.1(1). Everything seems to be functioning properly, but i am unable to run the configuration setup. It is failing due to services not starting. Unity starts without any problem and i am able to receive voicemails. ...

twerth by Beginner
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IPCC agent

I have a scenerio where in an agent is logged on and available to take calls but he is not in the desk when the call arrives. Is there any way to put the call back in queue or roll over to the next available agent by putting the first agent to Not re...

preetham by Beginner
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ATA to ATA call problem ??

I have connected two ata boxes to work on IP dialing at remote location. I have checked the routers for necessary configuration and is alright I am able to ping both the IP's , I am also getting dialtone on both the ATA's But when I dial the 2nd ATA ...

praneet by Beginner
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Voice Script Problem

Hello,I recently upgraded to a IOS 12.2 to solve my problem of FXO not droping calls when caller hangs up. However , I noticed that with this new IOS, it keeps deleting the Script after a while and I have to keep reloading the script.Is there anyone ...

siotel by Beginner
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ATA186, Moculla software 2.15ms

Hi. We'are using some ATA186 boxes in IOS Telephony Service environment (known also as keyswitch) with MGCP/SCCP software v2-14-ms (Build 020514a) on ATAs. After upgrading software on ATAs to v2-15-ms (Build 020723a) we got some problems with registr...

dschapov by Beginner
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VoIP over FR prblem

I have lately implemented VoIP over FR with the following configuration: Main Site: Which has Cisco2620, IOS ver 12.2(8)T4, 16Flash/64DRAM and has 2Mbps link with Two pvc's. Site 1 : Which had Cisco 2610, IOS ver 12.0(22), 16Flash/64DRAM and has 2Mbp...

maged by Beginner
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I have encountered an error when I installed Auto-Attendant version 2.0(2). The error was: javax.naming.AuthenticationException:[LDAP:error code 49-Invalid credentials] (80004005).What does this error mean? I also tried another version, AA ver 2.2(2)...

apadayhag by Beginner
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Change phone from 7940 to 7960

Is there an easy way to change a phone from a 7940 to 7960 without deleting and reinstalling it. The initial template will be the same with 1 line and 1 speeddial. I have 60 to do when the new phones arrive. It seems to be a large overhead in time fo...

sdrennan by Beginner
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