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Resolved! AXL Services C#, Facing issue while fetching the data using GetLine(),"Item not found : Line does not Exist"

 AXL service invoke for getLine()public async Task<getLineResponse> GetLine(string lineUuid){ItemsChoiceType60[] itemsElementsName = { ItemsChoiceType60.uuid };return await client.getLineAsync(new GetLineReq(){Items = new object[] { lineUuid },ItemsE...

Webex Recording .wrf format video doesn't play with audio and video

I have recorded a Webex Recording of a meeting and saved it directly to my local computer rather than saving it in the network. The recording was saved in .wrf format. However, after the recording was over, on playing it using WebEx player, the recor...

Resolved! Dual-active exclude

Hi All, We use the dual-active exclude interface-vlan command. I understand this keeps up the SVI on the secondary switch if the VPC peer link fails. We use the following technologies in our environment: - VPC- Fabircpath- VPC+- OTV - VRRP between ou...

jay_7301 by Beginner
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Want to Buy The Best And Perfect Headsets for My Business or Softphone

Hi Friends,I am working on a business that needs to communicate with several clients via email and call. My business of car wash Perth is doing great and it reaches on a point where I have to handle several clients via call only which helps to expand...

Resolved! Via Expressway 12.5.7 Mobile Device Jabber is OK, but Windows Jabber can't Dial Out

Hello,Having deployed Xprswy 12.5.7 E and C clusters with our CUCM 10.5.2 infrastructure in a single domain, non-split DNS environment, when we hide the cisco-uds and cuplogin SRV records BOT and TCT Jabber clients can log in via Xprswy and seem to w...

axl getLine problem

hi, i send this axl to CM 6.1 as in CM 4.2<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><SOAP-ENV:Envelope SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/encoding/" xmlns:SOAP-ENV="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3....

pg.pennone by Beginner
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