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Ask Me Anything Event Welcome to the Cisco Community Ask Me Anything conversation. Submit your questions from  Monday, September 11, 2023 through Friday, September 22, 2023. Our colleagues Seemaant Rana, Akhileshwar Kumar, Abhishek Bhargava and Sapn...

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Cisco TelePresence MCU 4520 build 6.18(3.42) version 4.4(3.42) is dropping some but not all endpoints at exactly 8min 23sec (see attached screenshot). We are currently migrating to a SIP environment but there is no specific pattern to the call drops....

MCU Capture.PNG MCU Capture.PNG
Nemo by Beginner
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Hi everyone,   IP Phones <-- Alcatel PBX -> E1-QSIG -> ISR 4451 -> MGCP -> CUCM 11.5 (SU2) --> IP Phones   I have this topology in my company and I have some problem about "who can call where" ?   I want to do this? -2000 in Alcatel side can call ju...


I am able the configure the device and it registers to cucm v 10.5. The registration status changes in about 2 minutes to un-registered. If I reboot the VCS754 it will register to cucm again but, as before, only stays registered about 2 minutes. I ha...

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Jerry Reed by Beginner
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Does anyone have this NM working in a 2811 Router? I have a 2811 running 12.3(11)T3 IPVOICE with the external power supply. I tried several other versions of IOS, same result. The switch ports work fine with workstations, but they will not power t...

amarc by Beginner
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