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Tandberg 770 MXP For CallManager

I have a Tandberg 770 MXP for CallManager. The registration keeps getting rejected from CCM. I have auto registration enabled, and the latest device pack. I assume this is not the 7985, so what type of device is it and how do I get it registered w...

mwadam by Beginner
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Hearing a Calling Ring Tone

Hi,I have setup a script. So when a DDI is dialled it routes through to IPCC and script kicks in......The problem I have is that the script starts playing but a caller does not hear a ringing tone before the script starts.Is it was possible when some...

dominice by Beginner
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IP Phone software

Many vendors have software features in addition to their phone solution, so one can see calls coming on the phone and double click to pick up the phone and caller ID on their desktop etc, etc.Does Cisco or any 3rd party vendor have an application tha...

ouhakheme by Participant
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A new CallManager... ¿4.2?

Hi all!Surfing Cisco web pages I found references to a new CallManager version, which is 4.2. Has anybody any kind of information about this version? Linux or Windows? Some special advantages over 4.1(3)? When wil be available? There will be an upgra...

cmartin by Beginner
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ATA BIT layout

I am trying to 'tweak some settings on a Cisco ATA188. I've found what needs to be changed, but I'm confused as to which bits to change. The fields have 8 characters in it, yet the docs says to change something like bit 0-7. Are each character 8 bits...

tporter by Beginner
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