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HelloWhen I use the CDR analys and Reporting application and try to make a user report for the bills. I do not see the CDR of the forwarderd calls.For example when a user has forwarded the phone to his mobile number, I cannot see any CDR. So it look...

When using the barge feature I have noticed that both participants of the existing call hear the barge originator speak. Is it possible to disable this for the external caller, so that only the barge target hears the barge originator?Thanks,Evi.

epekou by Level 1
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I have a problem where a phone call will have every other word getting dropped. This happens randomly.running Callmanager 4.1 (3) sr2 and Unity 4.0 (5).I have had telephone service company test the lines twice but they dont see any Interference. I ha...

skiffs811 by Level 1
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Folks, We have about 3 clusters right now with a full mess, we plan to add more ccme and ccm clusters as we move forward, i need to recommend a GK platform to my boss that will scale upto 5 calls per second. We do not have a lot of traffic . Pl...

As you know, we can use the Department Name to search a user from Global Directory using Advanced Search Option. Only three options (FirstName, LastName & Number) are provided in the Corporate Directory of IP Phone.What I want to do is to add or use ...