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Ask Me Anything Event Welcome to the Cisco Community Ask Me Anything conversation. Submit your questions from  Monday, September 11, 2023 through Friday, September 22, 2023. Our colleagues Seemaant Rana, Akhileshwar Kumar, Abhishek Bhargava and Sapn...

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I had a customer say that two fax machines, one on each port of the ATA-186 wasn't recommended by cisco This is ATA-186 SCCP with Callmanger 4.1(3) and H323 gateways with fax pass-thru on the dial-peers. Can anyone say if this is true? Another cus...

Jason Aarons by Frequent Contributor
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Is there support for fractional PRI using MGCP with any version CCM and any type IOS gateway? I know there is a service parameter that blocks out timeslots but I understand that this is not supported for production and plus it's limited to 5 per clu...

mwheinz by Beginner
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Is there a way to register more than 34 7940 phones register in SRST. SRST 3.2 on 2851, the max-ephone is 96, however the limit-dn for 7940 is 34 and can not be higher. Any ideas?Also, I can get 7941G devices register in SRST, but not the the 7941G...

Chris Deren by Hall of Fame Master
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Resolved! 7940 Speed Dial

7940 has two lines.one regular line and if other is used for emergency, does it mean we don't have any line to configure speed-dial?What will be a best way to assign say 10 speed dials on 7940?We can or we can't?

sshareef by Beginner
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I have 2 H323-Gateways, each with 1 E1-Interface to public network. The 2 Gateways are in a route group with "top down". If the E1 of the first GW in the Route group is disconnected, there is no overflow to the second one. (CCM 4.1.3 SR2)Any ideas?

Our customer has migrated from ericsson md110 to Cisco 4.1.3. But they still have some dpnss dect phones, which need the Ericsson PBX.I saw it is possible to connect the ericsson to the callmanager with a westell IlQ2030 on h323.Has anyone have exper...

mkoreman by Beginner
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