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Call Pickup on 7902


How can I perform call pickup and call pickup group on 7902 IP phones??

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IP Phone 7902 can't perform Call Picktup, it can still be in a pickup group so that another phone (i.e. 7960) can pick up a call ringing in on the 7902.

I know this is an old thread. However, we have a number of 7902 on desks in our organisation and it is frustrating that these handsets cannot use call pickup or group pickup.

It appears to me that this is merely a firmware feature not included in the phone. The analogue phones on a CME 3.3 can use **3 and **4 for this function. In addition, the 7902 uses **1 and **2 for call forward and cancel call forward, so I don't see why the pickup functions cannot be incorporated into the handset firmware this way.

I suspect it is merely to make sure we buy the more expensive 7905 or 7940/60 handsets. Sigh.

We are currently running CM 3.3. Anybody know if this feature for 7902 handsets has been added in any newer versions of CM?

I'll check this, just to make sure, but as far as I remember, it still doesn't work. (I'm just not sure if I tryed this, or something else)

I'm in the same boat as well -- our client has a bunch of 7902s -- though they have a CM 4.1(3), so it's more probably just a marketing issue :( and if it's so, we'll never have this on a 7902 image.

This seems to be a bit of a theme in Ciscos products and I cannot undertand why a company would limit the functionality of their products just to try to force a customer into a more expensive product, it just does not make sense. Surely the customer should be able to use the product for the basics and then move up if they want the more advanced features. Every PABX system has these features as standard, so maybe Cisco just need to sit down with a traditional PABX and give customers what they already have, then give them more to wow them.

If anyone finds out how to call pickup from a 7902, then please post it here.

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