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Caller ID in 6608 T1 gateways


We have a 6608 T1 gateway and the Caller ID option on the Callmanager config for this gateway is set to the right value.But when we make a call out,the caller ID showing up is wrong.We contacted TELCO and they do not seem to be sending any CallerID and they see it coming from our side.Is there someplace else that I need to check.Any suggestion would help.

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PRI gateways do not support Calling Name delivery through a Facility information element (IE).

Resolved with Call Manager v3.3(3)...

From the release notes:

Calling Name Delivery over PRI -

Cisco CallManager supports caller identification by using Q.931 Facility Information Element (IE) for all incoming and outgoing calls on non-QSIG PRI trunks.

We just upgraded to CCM V3.3(3).Still the problem remains.



Okay, you don't mention if you are talking about name or number, or what specifically is wrong so some general things to check:

For names:

Under Service Parameters -> CallManager check:

Unknown Caller ID make sure it is blank.

For bad numbers in CallerID:

Check Gateway-> Under Outbound -> CallerID DN.

Under RouteList -> Route Details -> Calling Party Transform Mask.

Under Route Patterns -> Calling Party Transformations.

The most common issue I've seen is CallerID blasting out the extension. If this is your issue a Calling Party Transformation under the Gateway or (easier) Route List will fix this.



I was mentioning the Caller ID DN(number).I checked the Calling Party transformations in Route List,Patterns and the Gateway.There is no translation anywhere.Also the Caller ID DN value in the gateway config in the CCM has been set to the right value.The DN there is 2159492850 which is our main number.But when someone calls outside it shows up as 2159496630.Our extensions are from 6600 to 6699.Theres nowhere in the system I see this DN specified.


If you were making the call from DN 6630 it sounds you have a calling party transformation mask of 215949XXXX. There is one more location where this could be. Under Service Parameters -> CallManager service, there are a couple of CallerID options. I recall mentioning it for name but don't think I included it in the number. Check for it there.


Thats what confuses me.There is no phone with DN 6630.This is the CallerID that shows up for all calls from all phones.I will look for the service parameters.

Thanks so much.

Check with the telco, there are several ways they can handle caller ID.-

1. They can accept what you hand them.

2. They can override what you give them and replace it with another name/number.

You have to work with the telco and tell tham what you want. Sometimes you can even mix and match with some numbers being replaced and some going through untouched.

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