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Caller ID Name on h323 Gateway using Facilty IE

Does anyone know if we can expect Call Manager to be able to recognize Caller ID Name sent on Facilty IE with a h323 gateway? I know it can do this with an MGCP gateway but I need it on an h323 gateway.

Thanks all

Daniel Baum
Cisco Employee

It the telco only supports Facility IE then you need to reconfigure your gateway for MGCP. Although

3.3 implemented Calling Name support via Facility IE, it is only available via MGCP. H.323 gateways

still use Display IE.

CallManager will decode the incoming Caller ID name in a Facility IE for any PRI circuit where we are receiving it.

This feature only works if the PRI gateway is MGCP, where the CallManager controls the D-channel. This won't work with an H.323 PRI gateway.

As a MGCP gateway, the "send caller name in facility ie" is only available when using PRI NI2 as the switch type. Any other switch type grays that option out. Caller name is only available when you configure this with NI2.



Thanks Dan,

any drawbacks to using MGCP on the router? I am currently using a TCL script on the router to answer inbound calls as an auto attendant and it routes based on dial-peers on the router. Using MGCP on the router means that Call Manager will have to be the auto-attendant and do all the routing correct?

No drawbacks other than what you describe, being, changing what works today.

Yes. CallManager will then be the primary call router, but, I believe, that you could still use the router and TCL script for your AA. From CCM you'd forward the calls to the TCL router dial-peer(s), etc. and then voip dial-peer back to CCM for the destination phone, etc.

Testing would need to be done and call usage/volume would determine it's scalability.

The more clean solution would be as you suggest. CallManager and IPCC Express AA or even Unity as the Auto Attendant.

The goal would be to enable your IE services while maintaining an AA.


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