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Calling (Not registered/ not found ) IP phone , How come !!

For simplicity, I have 3 CCM in 3 diffrent cities ( let say A , B , and C ). Publisher is in my LAN ( site A ) and the other CCM in B and C . because of firewall , I connect to CCM administration in site B. while I'm browsing IP phone sets in site C , I found some of IP phones not registered although I'm over a call with these phones . How can I call an IP phone although its status is not registered. remember that the 3 CCM in one cluster so that it's one DB. more over all services activated on the CCM in site 3 .now a day I got a big problem that all IP phones status is not found. I still call these phones and services is active. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me please the reasons bihind it and how can I solve this problem


We encountered a similar problem when upgrading from 3.3(2) to 3.3(3). Rebooting CCM cleared the problem.

Look under the network settings on the phone to make sure they're registered to the correct call manager. If synchronization is broken between the call managers in the cluster, the phones will register to one of the other call managers and will appear as not registered, not found even though they're registered to another call manager, as you describe your phones as doing.


Is the RIS service running?

[realtime information service]

RIS collects this status - you can stop it in a running system and get similar outputs as you see it.

An IP phone that isn't registered will not work.

If you're definitively in a call with such a phone, the status must be wrong.


actually we have CCM ver.3.3(3) and the contact eng. (from the company which responsible for the installation) install every time some patches on the Publisher for ex. to have the facility to config. IP Phone 7970. but I don't know if this problem happen after he install these patches or not. and he said that this problem related to a Java pluge in in the I.E explorer, which is not logic.

So, if I supposed that the synchronization is broken between the call managers , how can I ensure that ? and solve this problem ? ( note I have 8 CCM around different cities )...

About , RIS ..I don't understand what you said ? do you mean that when I restart the RIS all things will be alright ??


Perhaps... The RIS service is what tracks the registered status of phones...

If you have firewalls in the paths between sites perhaps some of this status information is not being communicated properly between CallManagers - I believe that information like this will not be in the SQL database as it is dynamic...

If you do have any firewalls then perhaps you should reconfigure these to allow traffic between all CallManagers - bear in mind that although database traffic will flow from publisher to each subscriber, but other signalling will travel in a full mesh between all CallManagers... make sure there are no ports etc blocked between them to start with to see if this fixes the problem...

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