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Callmanager 4.1(3)SR3 user page error



I just installed Callmanager 4.(1)3SR3 and can not ad users. The get the following error:

Active Server Page error 'ASP 0115'

Unexpected error


A trappable erro (E06D7363) occured in an external object. The script cannot continue running.

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it is my experience that this error is usually

created when the admin passwords are not correct

1. Identify the correct directory administrator password. Let it be


2. Open command prompt. Run PasswordUtils . This will generate

encrypted password. Let it be 3. Set the value of DCDMGRPW and

MGRPW in registry, "under HKML\Software\Cisco Systems, Inc.\Directory

Configuration", to .

4. Open C:\dcdsrvr\directoryconfiguration.ini. Set the value of passwd to

5. Open command prompt. go to C:\ 6. Run the command

UMEncryptText . This will generate out.txt in the same folder from

which it was run, i.e C:\ 7. Open out.txt and copy the contents after

"Text=". This long hex value is the encrypted password. Let it be


8. Open C:\dcdsrvr\config\UMDirectoryConfiguration.ini using "notepad"

(Please do not use any other text editor).

9. Set the value of CiscoLdapPwd and UserLdappwd to .

10. Save the file and exit.

11. Restart IISAdmin service and try accessing the CCMAdmin user pages.

Do it on the PUB first and then all the subscribers

If that doesnt help...

Check this very good link:

Check Reconfiguration section.


Doesn't adminutil do the same thing?


No, Adminutility doesnt take care of Directory Manager password

I followed all your recommendations, but it still did not work. Do you have any more suggestions:

I can not add users to the callmanager as I get the error i mention, also when i run dblhelper it shows me that the pub is red and all the other subs are green. so i have problems with the sub it appears.

I did do the DC directory reconfiguration as well, but it did not help me either.

Any thoughts?

I would Open a TAC case to further troubleshooting and checking logs

I have one open, no luck yet.

Whats the SR?

Working through the issues of such a case on the forum are going to be difficult at best.

Case number is 603570037, I just requeued it.

Seems like i might have a corrupt password file somewhere. is it possible for be to rebuild the callmanager publisher from scratch, Will the subscribers automatically point to the publisher after i use the dblhelper utility? I do not have any data yet so i do not see any need to use bars.

do you know anyone who might have done this?

parwal, did you find a solution to this DC Directory issue? I'm running into the same issue on my subscriber.

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