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Can a Line/DN be a member of multiple line groups?

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Level 1

From ccmadmin is appears once I add a DN to a line group, that DN is no longer available for any other

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Level 6

I can't find this URL where it states a DN can only be a member of one line group.

Level 8
Level 8

For your information, I looked into this in a previous post of yours regarding shared lines, and line groups.

I certainly found no problem adding the same DN within a different line group, through testing of 4.1 I found I was also able to add shared lines to a line group.

My last post was as follows:

Interesting you should say that, simply because I have been testing Line Groups within version 4.1 in the lab today.

In conclusion, I found no problem with allocating shared lines to a line group. In the lab I configured a two line groups within a single huntlist. Both group were configured with Top Down algorithm, and the huntoptions on the first group configured to try next group in the huntlist.

The first linegroup consisted of only one line which was shared across three phones. The second group consisted of three unique lines configured across the same phones.

When I dialled the HuntPilot, all three phones with shared line rang until RNA, and then the call was routed to the second group and each member in turn, before busy tone was played after the last member in the list.

Hope this helps.


Yes, the behavior changed between CCM 4.0 and 4.1. In CCM 4.0 a DN can be a memeber of only 1 line group. In CCM 4.1 a DN can be in multiple line groups.