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Can't find Exchange User

Unity 3.0; Exchange 5.5 (3 Exchange Servers); Just upgraded from 2.4 to 3.0.<br><br>When I try and add one particular exchange user, the user can't be found. I have tried 2 ways to add the subscriber. First I tried the Unity Import Utility that was installed with Unity 3.0. The user doesn't show up after I select the Exchange Server the mailbox resides on. Next I tried the "Add Subscriber/Import existing Exchange User" function of Unity Administrator. The name still doesn't show up.<br><br>I have checked the Exchange server to ensure the mailbox exists. I have checked Unity to ensure the user hasn't been added already. They both check out fine.<br><br>

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I checked all those things, and everything looks correct. TAC says that it might be an orphaned entry from the import when I upgraded to 3.0.

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I'm not sure that makes sense... if you cleaned that guy of his Unity properties as per that post, it should show up no matter what. A "stranded user" TAC is describing is a mail user with Unity properties that is not associated with a primary call handler object any longer. If you followed the instructions for removing the VoiceMailUserID value in Exchange raw mode, this guy isn't stranded any longer.

Make sure he has "Allow Rich Text" on in Exchange as well... this is another common boo-boo. Without that, it's not considered a MAPI mail user and we can't bind to them.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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