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can we using MCU instead of Cisco TelePresence?


today our customer had old mcu and interesting to go for larger video deployment but concern about if need to buy new or migrate to new equipment such as MCU.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you tell me what old MCU you have and what you are looking to do.  You may or may not need to migrate to a new MCU.  The latest appliance MCU is the 5300 series or we have an MSE8000 chassis based system that has 8510 MCU cards.

today they had MCU model and we also ongoing to proposing new Telepresence infra (TMS/VCS-C/VCS-E) and MCU 5300 series to cascade with their exiting UC environment. (as attach slide state that "Optimize TelePresence" working only MSE8XXX/TP7XXX/MCU5300 and UCM at least 8.6.2 or later).  seem like customer need to replace existing MCU 4200.

and 2nd question.

the question was came up after customer seen new feature that we can adding ad-hoc/meet me MCU as media resourse. but today they several had 10 callmanager server each location , so if need to add media resource to every UCM will not make sense.

as we seen new Cisco solution to optimize video resource by adding component like conduct to manage many MCU and control MCU resouce. is it possible for conductor to manage 1 MCU for 10 UCM ad-hoc resource. once have more customer demand they can add-on 2nd or 3rd MCU?

The existing MCU 4200 does not support the Optimized TelePresence resources feature, however, the MCU 4200 Series works with UCM 8.6.2 or later.

Cisco TelePresence MCU 4.3 support ad hoc multipoint conferencing and integrated with UCM (8.6.2 or later); therefore your client's existing MCU 4200 will work with UCM.

However it does not support the Optimized confeencing capabilities. 


The optimized conferencing capability is supported by the Cisco TelePresence Server working with Cisco TelePresence Conductor, but is not supported on the Cisco TelePresence MCU, so for this capability we recommend the Cisco TelePresence Server be deployed.

Cisco TelePresence Conductor supports pooling of conferencing resources for both the MCU and TelePresence Server, and this allows Conductor to manage conference allocation across multiple MCUs, or multiple TelePresence Servers.  It is possible for Conductor to manage 1 TelePresence Server or MCU for multiple UCM resources for ad-hoc conferencing, and then upgrade the deployment when needed.


As you stated version 8.6 and the MCUs can be used as a adhoc or rendezvous resource for video calls.  This need to be a dedicated MCU for each type of call.  If you add Conductor to the mix, it has virtural IP addresses as a part  of the B2BUA that will look like a MCU to UCM.  The existing MCUs will be behind Conductor and can be used by both types of calls.  

A single Conductor supports up to 30 MCUs and can connect to multiple UCM clusters.   Please take a look at the Conductor and UCM deployment guides for more details on this integration.  

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi, thankyou for your question.  Could you provide a little more detail, please?  For example, the capabilities that you are investigating?  Thanks

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