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Cannot dial local numbers

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I am running CM 3.2.2c SPF. I just cannot dial any 7-digit local numbers. It would wait for about 10-15 seconds and then I'd get a busy tone. But if I include 1 and the area code (eventhough I'm dialing within the area code), it works. Long distance dialing is working fine, no problem there. I have a route pattern of 9.@ and I tried both with no filter and with the 7-digit dialing filter. No luck. I checked and rechecked the partition, calling search space and the phone device ; everything is correct. I have a PRI on a VG-200 as the gateway running MGCP. Inbound and outbound calls are all fine. I just cannot dial any 7-digit local numbers. I'd appreciate your help. Thank you.

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Level 4

Are you using route patterns? You could setup something like

3xxxxxx and put whatever access codes you need in CalledParty Transformations Prefix Digits.

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Are you sure this works? I have a different problem - my customer is migrating from a PBX to CCM (3.13 at the moment). For external reasons, we couldn't keep the extension ranges separate, instead IP and PBX stations will be distrubuted across [1-8]XXX. I need to have some way for the H323 gateways in the middle to know which way to send a 4-digit call. My thought was to add an access code in the route pattern, which the gateway could check for and discard. My experience, confirmed by TAC, was that the CCM would only use the prefix digits for CLID purposes - the dial string sent to the gateway did not include the access code. Just curious to know how you got the CCM to add the prefix digits to the dial string