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CCM 3.05, International Dial Route Plan



I´m configuring a CCM 3.05, When I configured the route paterns for international calls I found that some countrys have numbers for 10, 11 or 12 digits ans this repeat also for the same country.

For example: The county code for Brazil is 51 if I want to call to Sao Paolo the telephone number has 10 more digits 51XXXXXXXXXX but if I call to other region into brazil some times has only 9 digits.

Does someone know how configure the CCM for the optimum performance if the route pattern have the same initial digits but different length and you don't know when apply differents length?



Try using the ! instead of an X. So you would have 51! instead of 51XXXXXXXXXX.

The ! stands for any digit and any number of digits. CallManager will then wait 10 seconds (default interdigit timeout) without receiving any digits before it assumes the dialing is complete and sends the call.

You can also use !#

When the # (pound) key is pressed, CallManager assumes dialing is complete and immediately send the call.

If you do not want to wait the default 10 seconds it can be changed but be aware that by making it too short a call may inadvertantly dial before the user finishes dialing the called number.

Also note that if you are within the US, then you can use the @ special route pattern character, which includes all the North American dial plan. So in addition to numbers like:




etc., there is also



so this will work correctly for you.

I know this parameter in version 3.0(8). But now, I am working with version 3.1(1) and I can not find the parameter (inter digit timeout). Do you know where this parameter is?


Click Service -> Service Parameters. Select the server to configure. Select Cisco CallManager. The parameter is called TimerT302_msec

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