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CCM 3.3 - Change 7912 IP Phone Cisco display logo

Someone can tell me how can I change the logo from the display of 7912 ip phone in ccm 3.3?


Daniel Baum
Cisco Employee

The document on CCO is incorrect. I have rewritten the correct proceedure and am waiting for it to post. Meanwhile, this is the correct proceedure. Pay attention to step 7:

1. Download the SCCP Software Package Zip file.

2. Create the bitmap of the image to load to the phone

-The bitmap must be 88x27 pixels in size

-The bitmap must be black and white

-The bitmap must be saved as a monochrome image type

3. Convert the bitmap into a logo image using bmp2logo.exe

-bmp2logo x input_file output.logo

where x is an arbitrary number

-example: bmp2logo 10 cisco.bmp cisco.logo

4. Create a text file that will be used to build the ld or gk cfg file

-The file can be any name

-Must contain the upgradelogo key

-The SampleLogo.txt can be used as a template.

NOTE: the image number defined in step 3 must be used in this text file

5. Create the cfg file, use the cfgfmt.exe

-cfgfmt SampleLogo.txt lddefault.cfg

NOTE: if the same image is desired on all 7905's and 7912, use the lddefault.cfg and gkdefault.cfg files.

6. Move the .logo file into the TFTPPATH directory

7. Move the lddefault.cfg or gkdefault.cfg) (attached) into the COUNTRY specific folder.

-The ld or gk cfg files will need to be in at least \TFTPPATH\United_States

NOTE: The cfg file will need to be copied to each COUNTRY directory supported by the CM.

8. Reboot the 7905 or 7912 for the new image to display




It works!

Thanks for your help!


I followed these instructions, with a test bitmap and it works fine. My question is, how the heck does one get the original bitmap (Cisco) logo back?

To remove a customized logo

1) remove all the customized files,

2) down or upgrade the firmware and change the default device firmware name in the CCM

3)restart the TFTP service and reset the phones.

After that you should see again the Cisco



Thanks Dan. I am not using CCM, so I presume just a downgrade of the firmware should do the trick and then I can upgrade it again after I get the logo back. Thanks for your help.


I wonder if you might be able to assist me with this. I am testing the IP phones with a GPL software PBX. I do not have Cisco CallManager installed at all. Does my software license (with the phone) entitle me to use CallManager? The reason I ask is that I am unable to download older firmware for this phone, because all of the downloads are for CCM. The 7905G that I have has a SIP image on it that I downloaded from Cisco. I would presume, I would have to install a SCCP image.


I did everything like is written here, but nothing happen.

Step 7:I copied gkdefault.cfg file into all of my Country folders ( US and English_US)...

Please can you help me?

Best Regards,


Dear Dan.

Thanks for your help put please coulud you tell me how can I download the SCCP Software Package Zip file . I have tried many times through the obove URl. It gives me a page display " Software download , Cisco IP Phone Client Tools " When I click on the " Registered users " nothing more refreshing the page although I'm already logged on


Will reply external.


Dear Dan

Please , I cann't download The SCCP Software.although I already logged in . I found this message ' NOTE:

There are currently no files for this type.' Please what does it mean ??

Please any one can send it to me directly to :

thanks for your help

resending to the new address

Hi Everyone and Dan

I can't seem download The SCCP Software.Although I am logged in . I found this message ' NOTE:

There are currently no files for this type.' Could someone Please send me the link directly to:


Maybe I'm being a bit slow about this - but when I run the cfgfmt.exe tool I get a warning about an invalid entry for the upgradelogo key.

I've just taken the sccpexample.txt and added that one line to it.

I copied the gkdefault.cfg to the directory and reboot the phone - but nothing happens..


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