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CCM 4.0(2a) Hunt Groups capability


Do you know if CCM 4.0(2a) can create Hunt Groups that would dial cells or home phones instead of four digits for internal dialing?

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Sure you could send the call at the end of the Hunt Group to an IP Phone profile that is Call Forward all to the Cell. G

1. Configure a fake IP Phone Profile and configure it's line to Call Forward All to the Local PSTN Number

2. Configure this phone as the last phone in the Hunt Group within your Hunt List.

Give it a try and let me know.



Hi Mike,

Can we also use the new feature which is (Route/Hunt List --> Route/Line Group --> Devices) to support the above requirement?

In Route/Line Group, it supports Gateway and trunks (off-net destinations), and this feature is not supported prior CM3.3.



You can just send it to a CTI Port which is call-forwarded-all to your cell phone.

I tried doing that but had an issue since the CTI port is not registered in CCM, I get a busy tone, in my case I had it Call forward all to Unity auto attendant and I got a busy tone since the CTI port does not show up registered

I'm having the same problem trying to get the hunt group to roll into a general mailbox. CTI Route Points and un-registered phones are not available as hunt group members. Apparently this should work in CM 4.1.

The only way I got around is that have a have a line group with the phones in it and say if no one picks up the phones you want to send it to a general VM box, then have another line group which has all your VM ports in it.Add the two to a route/hunt list, so now when all the phones ring and say no one picks it up it will roll to VM but remember it will go to Unity with the caller id of the Hunt pilot number which points to these line groups, then you can have a call routing rule in Unity change that to the general VM box where you want the message to be stored, make sense?

I think the original question was about having something like a "remote extension" in the huntgroup, not voicemail.

Either way, I thought I was being smart by programming a call foward all on an extension that is in a huntgroup. But when it's that extensions turn, it'll ring on the IP phone even though the callforward all is set. Apparently, huntgroups ignore any call forward all .

Going to try this on CCM4.1 now.

I'm afraid it doesn't even work with CCM 4.1 Thus having an external number in a huntgroup seems to be a nogo with the onboard mechanisms. The only way I see is you actually register a CTI port that picks up and immediately redirects the call. But since such a CTI Port implementation does not exist, you either have to write one on your own, or try to find something pre-made.

Yes the original question was ringing a remote phone but ivan had a question on ringing a VM box which also is not straighforward with HG's hence the response

The other issue with line groups is once you add a extension to a line group it is not available to other line groups which is a major issue so you can't have line groups with overlapping numbers, now if you use attendant console HG you can get around that, try making a HG under attendant console and having a CTI port with the always route option selected and that is set to call forward all to an external number, that might work since attendant console HG I believe doesn't need it to be registered, not sure but worth a try.

Actually, CCM 4.1 supports the same extension in multiple huntgroups. I just realized that on Monday when I wanted to test my own Huntgroup XML application (so that users can join/leave huntgroups via a simple menu on the phone) on the CCM4.1 and while manually setting up some HGs I realized an already used DN still showed up in the selection.

As for the attendant huntgroups, I'll have to investigate some more, my first try failed but being somewhat inexperienced with attendants it might just be my fault.

Please do try and let me know, one of the things I noticed was you could add CTI RP'S etc in the attendant console HG's if you get a chance create a pilot point and then associate a HG with that pilot point with some phones and then the last entry could be a CTI port ( check the always route option for it) and have the CTI port forward all to an external number,I am guessing it will work.

The big issue with attendant console HG used to be that it only supported Longest idle,First available and circular algorithms but now you also have broadcast algorithm which makes it a robust HG

I'm afraid I never get my attendant huntgroup to ring more than the first member. I performed the little trick with the acuser (see discussion here: - it appears to be problematic as the discussion shows), but no luck.


I too tried it this weekend and could only get First available, Longest Idle and Cicular to work, Broadcast just does not work through the acconfig.bat utility. The bad part is that attendant console HG's allow you to have a CTI RP, pilot point as entries in HG so I was able to link HG's together.

On the other hand line groups are perfect for all algorithms but they don't allow anything other than phones in them, pros and cons both ways

Hope they fix this in 4.1

I have already tested the regular huntgroups in CCM4.1 and they do not support non DN entries.

BTW, how did you get those 3 modes to work if no attendant is logged in? I've had a colleague look at the setup and we both didn't get anywhere.. all we can do is have the first number in the hunt pilot ring and that's it.

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