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CCM4-0: Line Group, how to loop?

Level 1
Level 1

I have five phones in a top down line group, once the fifth phone rings the caller hears fast busy, how can I loop it back to the first line in the line group?

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Level 8
Level 8

Typically what you are attempting to achieve is not good practice. If your distribution algorithm is configured for top down, I would be inclined to increase the RNA for each line in your group in order to ensure the call is answered.

If this is not an option, you could create a second line group with the same group members, and add this line group to the same huntlist as your original group.

Then configure each of the hunt options in the first line group to Try next member; then, try next group in Hunt List. Finally ensure that the last line group in the hunt list is then set to Try next member, but do not go to next group if you don't want the last member to forward to VM instead of busy.

I thought the same thing, about creating a second line group with the same members. However it appears a DN can not be members of multiple line groups.

The RNA is 30 seconds.

This a a trading company, I found the Line Group had 5 numbers (8201, 8202, 8203, 8204, 8205). I then found 8201 was a shared line appearance on 28 phones, 8202 was a shared line appearance on 18 phones, and etc, etc. TAC said Line Groups as shared lines was unsupported, I haven't searched for this on CCO (yet) and asked for a URL where this is documented. (Line Groups are still new to me, I'm a 3.3 guy)

From TAC, "Don't have any document which explicitly says this, but ever since the concept of Hunt Groups came, they (Line Groups) did not work with shared lines, not even with the newer versions (ie 4.1)."

Interesting you should say that, simply because I have been testing Line Groups within version 4.1 in the lab today.

In conclusion, I found no problem with allocating shared lines to a line group. In the lab I configured a two line groups within a single huntlist. Both group were configured with Top Down algorithm, and the huntoptions on the first group configured to try next group in the huntlist.

The first linegroup consisted of only one line which was shared across three phones. The second group consisted of three unique lines configured across the same phones.

When I dialled the HuntPilot, all three phones with shared line rang until RNA, and then the call was routed to the second group and each member in turn, before busy tone was played after the last member in the list.

Hope this helps.