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Cisco 32" LCD set up??

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Is there a set up process that I have to perform on the LCDs in order to have a proper displayed presentation?

I am working on a test vertical design 1080 x 1920 where I had a couple of logos on each top corner, text between them and a video area below those elements.  The problem was that I couldn't see the top right corner logo (only the edge of it cause the rest was "out of screen"). Is there something with the DMP, designer canvas, LCD itself, resolution??

Thanks in advance!

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Tomas de Leon
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There is nothing special that you have to do but to make

sure your content itself is created to be "Vertical",  The DMP

is configured to be vertical, and the DMP detects the correct


* What Model of DMP are you using?

* What version of DMP firmware are you running?

* Please provide a snapshot of the following DMP screens (from the DMP-DM)

Settings-> Browser

Settings-> DMP Display Attributes

Settings-> DMP Display Dimensions

* What are the Dimensions of the "Canvas" in the DMD?



Hi Tom,


Version 5.2

Look at the two attached screens.

The DMP is autodetecting a 1366x768 for the browser.

Your canvas is 1080x1920.

You need to either modify your canvas settings to match the browser settings


modify you browser settings to match your canvas settings.

Please modify, save, and reboot.

Let me know the results.




I disabled Autodetection and set resolution manually to 1080 x 1920 / aply / save / reboot, after reboot I found that Autodetection was enabled and 1366 x 768 again.

If you look at the designer snapshot I attached, you will find two logos on the top and text between them and a video playlist below which in the display appears completely. The only part that is cut off is the top right logo in this case only an "edge" of the image is shown. If I modify the presentation in the designer I have to overlap text and logo #2 so that it appears normaly in the presentation but everything else is fin even the playlist area.


I just found something the previous logo was a png but I just changed it for a jpg and it is displayed OK, now I just wonder why? The logos are not specificaly made for this presentation they are just for test, actually the one in the left is bigger than it appears and the other one is smaller but I manipulated them to give the appearence I needed for my test. I just noticed the difference between manipulating png and jpg.

I am about to open a new discussion, hope you have a chance to take a look. And if you have an explanation for this one I'd appreciate it.